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The Story So Far

As our community embarks on the largest infrastructure investment in history, The705 is taking an active role in the planning of the 5.5 mile I-49 Lafayette Connector with DOTD and working with local government on the areas and neighborhoods immediately adjacent to help ensure that we work toward the best project possible. We have assembled a task force that meets monthly with relevant professional advisors, speakers and group discussions. We also share resources, news articles and other notes through email conversation outside of meetings.

Last fall, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development kicked off an 18-month process to solicit input on the Connector. Along with others, we engaged, we listened, and when we learned that the preliminary design was inconsistent with the community’s needs and priorities, we advocated for change.

As a result, the DOTD is devoting five months to learning more about the community and revisiting the design, offering us a prime opportunity to shape one of the largest infrastructure projects in Lafayette in our lifetimes. We have to take it.

We might not be able to influence whether the I-49 Connector is built, or where, but we can influence how.

The705 is the largest group of young leaders in Acadiana. It’s our responsibility to advocate for what’s best for our community. And we can only get what’s best if we’re informed, engaged, and influential. So over the coming months, we’re going to weigh in on proposals made by others, as well as with our own, addressing issues such as the footprint, geometric design, connectivity, and signature bridge.

Through continued engagement and advocacy, we can be the voice the community needs, right when it needs it—raising the expectations for what’s possible and articulating a positive vision we can all rally around.

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