2017 Desi Comeaux

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ALafayette native, Desi is the founder of Barkopolis Park + Pub, a membership dog park and full-service bar, coming soon to Lafayette. An LSU grad and UL MBA, Desi began her career in marketing and public relations, developing corporate and non-profit events and communicating brand services to external publics and potential donors, before managing corporate finance for a local multi-million dollar company. Desi is a strong proponent of business for a greater purpose and has built social giving into the Barkopolis business model, featuring local non-profits in community events and advocating for the important role non-profits play in a dynamic ecosystem. She also serves local organizations through board leadership, including Bckstry creatives organization, SpayNation for Dogs & Cats/Wild Cat Foundation, and the Acadiana chapter of the Public Relations Association of Louisiana, as Treasurer. Desi has formerly served as acting executive director and board president for Lafayette Animal Aid, now Acadiana Animal Aid. Desi enjoys exploring new places with her husband David, a Texas-born Cajun, and spending time with friends and family enjoying the traditions, food, and revelry of the rich South Louisiana culture.

Favorite Restaurant:
Charley G’s

Favorite Film:
The Family Stone

Personal Statement

The705 is a wonderful organization for making new connections and meeting colleagues of similar experience and interests. It’s also a great opportunity to grow beyond one’s comfort zone, glean professional wisdom from area mentors, and build a small group of trusted advisors and friends. I hope to continue to build on the success of the organization, creating opportunities for professional development and philanthropy for the membership of The705, through collaboration with fellow board members, community leaders and influencers.