Amy Peacock

the705Mentor Program

Iam a photographer who specializes in women’s portraiture, specifically boudoir and maternity. I have been photographing strictly women for the last 2 years when I opened my studio in downtown Lafayette. Before I transitioned to boudoir and maternity, I was a wedding photographer for 9 years and before that I taught high school English and Photography for 13 years. I loved being part of the creation of a marriage but was drawn to boudoir because of the absolute confidence that I help to build in women. Boudoir is powerful in that it allows the woman to see herself as beautiful, sensual, sexy and confident, and that is something that may have been lost in her over the years. As women, we all struggle with all kinds of issues – body image, societal stigmas, family and friend drama, etc. In boudoir, we are allowed to transform from mom, boss, wife, sister to super model vixen who is allowed to not only be pretty, but also sexy and empowered. I love watching that transition in a woman, and I love being a part of making every part of her life better. Confidence is the sexiest thing we can wear, and that transfers into every part of her life. She becomes a better partner, a better friend, a better mom and one helluva a sexy lady.

My superpower is making every curve of a woman’s body look divine.
. I am also a mother of 4 human children, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 turtle and 1 crawfish (RIP T-Catherine June 2016-Jan 2017). I am married to hunk of a guy who is an attorney, and who sometimes pretends to be a blues music record company owner and producer. I am a member of a number of professional photographer organizations, have won several “awards” and have been internationally published. My life is kinda crazy but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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