8/3: Success Series – Becoming Your Best Self (Part 3)

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Before you can communicate clearly with others you need to have a clear sense of how you communicate, how it helps you accomplish what you want, and how it can get in the way. This workshop is designed to help you do just that!

Part 3: Developing Others - Heartfelt Leadership

You are responsible. How do you guide the development of others? Being a leader is exciting and challenging. Not every one does it the same way, and certainly not everyone focuses on the strengths of others for their development, but it is a missed opportunity when they don;t. The goal is to get the best out of others while being the best version of yourself.

  • How to best accomplish your goals

    If it’s a personal relationship, work colleagues, or short term projects, this insight can help set the stage for the best way to operate together. No relationship or team looks the same, but the more you understand about what you each bring to the table, the more creative and insightful you can be about how to best work together.

  • Maximize your Potential

    In order to get the maximum benefit from this series, you will need to begin by taking the Gallup Strengthfinder test if you haven’t already. Our Facilitator Wendy Hornung, will use this information to structure these workshops to get you to the next level professionally and personally!

    Link: StrengthFinder Test

  • Take The Survey

    To ensure that this series to designed and tailored specifically to address your professional and personal goals and aspirations, please take 5 minutes and complete this short survey: Click To Take The Survey

  • Lunch Included!

    Each session includes lunch as well! So chomp down while we help you become more successful!


Wendy Hornung // President, CEO
Hornung Creative Consulting and Coaching
Wendy Hornung is known for her talents as a Teacher- Consultant-Coach and “Idea Architect.” Wendy’s passion is helping others discover their greatest potential to create and manifest personal, professional, and business goals. Her interests and experiences encompass a variety of industries and are full of surprises. Her toolbox for guiding clients includes Gallup Certified Strength Coach, Educator, Equestrian Coach, Competitor, Trainer, Writer, Filmmaker, and more.

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