Our Mission: Develop our community and members personally, professionally and civically.

We CONNECT our members to other young professionals and community leaders.

We ENGAGE as an organization in issues that affect Acadiana.

We LEAD opportunities for our members to develop their skills.

Meet the 2019 board

Social climbers and business card pushers beware, because today’s young professionals are flexible, capable, and smart. They’re on the go and on their way up. With our generation’s issues at the forefront, our board is charged with bringing our membership’s ideas to reality. It’s hard work, but these committed men and women were elected because they’re ready to roll up their sleeves.

Executive Board

Patrick LaBauve
Past President
Christopher Lofstrom
Melissa Llewellyn
Desi Comeaux
Lauren Burns

No Boring Suits Here.

Appointed by our President, the Executive team has a responsibility to keep the group on track and the members as the primary focus. Important organizational documents, legal opinions, financial records and policies are implemented here.

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Be awesome.

Marketing Board

No Blurb. Just More Coffee.

Whether we’re pushing our brand, communicating with our members, or sharing our message with the outside world, you can be certain that our team of communication ninjas are thinking about accuracy and immediacy. Want to know about an event or share your ideas? There are a variety of ways our crew can connect you.

Mary Cormaci
Ryan Cazares
Mick Essex

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Programming Board

Elizabeth Domingue
Jillian Dickerson Landry
Casey Ardoin

Hey! How's It Going?

Whether you’re looking to expand your professional network, meet a mentor or just make some friends, the705 is the group for you. The programming committee’s sole responsibility is to bring our members together over fun stuff – making friends, giving back to the community and learning in the process. Don’t worry – you’ll meet them at the next social!

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Membership Board

The Ones That Look Out For You

Our Membership board is dedicated to one thing: you. They make sure everything is in accord and develop new means of not only making your membership worthwhile, but expanding the 705.

Roddy Bergeron
Callie Laviolette
Laura Pryor

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Civic Board

Nic Walts
Kevin Guillory
Christie Maloyed

Civic Leaders Dream Team

Do you ever wish that you had a seat at the table to share your thoughts and concerns? VIP status granted. The civic committee’s sole responsibility is pulling back the curtain so you can have a first-hand look at how our government and community gets things done.

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Philanthropy Board

Giving Back To The Community

We understand that young professionals have a lot on their plate and only a little in their wallet. So when we say “philanthropy,” we mean paying back our community with the sweat of our brow, our smarts and good will, and connections to the community.

Jeremy Bazile
Christy Pennison

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Professional Development Board

Robin LeBlanc
Bobby Fruge

What are your qualifications?

The professional development team seeks out experts across a variety of fields to help YPs on their career path, no matter where they are in the process. Looking for a job? Gunning for that promotion? Managing people for the first time? We can help. We will either provide you with the expertise to be the boss or the skills to look boss while learning.

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