Apple Watch Giveaway


Renew Membership or Get One To Enter!

How would you like to win an Apple Watch for doing something you were going to do anyway? The705 is giving awayan Apple Watch to 2 lucky 705 members who register their account on our new membership system, and/or renews their 705 membership for an additional year.

1. To Register Your Account (= 1 entry to drawing)

Visit this link (, and in the Recovery Email box, put in the email address associated with your 705 account, and click Submit (your email address should be the one this email was sent to). An automated email will then be sent to you with a link to login instructions.

2. To Renew Your Account (= 2 additional entries to drawing)

Once logged in, click the My Membership option in the drop down menu, and click Renew Now, then follow the membership renewal process. Also, make sure to check off the auto-renew feature, so your membership will always be up to date.

If you’re not a member, click the “Continue membership join as new account” link at the bottom, and fill in all the necessary details. And while you’re logged in, feel free to add/update your profile information, as well as upload a photo.

If your email address isn’t recognized, please email Patrick LaBauve (, and provide him your contact details (first & last name, email address), and he’ll be able to help.