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The Story So Far

It was 2012. In May, the organization had just established itself as an independent, non-profit organization. Why? We knew that we had something special going on. The next step was to make sure that the rest of the world knew that too. Our goal was to make sure that the highest echelon of local government was aware of the705, and the they would see the value in our member base.

In June, just a month after we were 501(c)ed, so to speak, we hosted our very first installment of what was then called “Coffee with the Mayor” (Joey Durel, at the time). It began as a recurring event with exclusive, face-to-face access with the face of our local government. We were able to have our voices heard in a real, meaningful way. And furthermore, we legitimized our organization, letting our local government know that we not only deserved a seat at the table, but we would earn the right to SET that table.

Years later, the once-semi-regular event is now a monthly mainstay for the705’s programming.

Not only has the program expanded to occur every month, but we’ve grown the scope and scale of the event to include dignitaries, elected officials, and names to know from across the Acadiana area.

What is the705’s “Coffee with” series? It is unparalleled access to the greatest names in our local infrastructure. It is an opportunity to build working relationships with decisions makers from across the region. And most of all, it is a rare chance to hear the message, without any edits, media buffers, or tailored talking points, straight from the mouths of those making decisions right here in our home. And did we mention it’s a free cup of joe?

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