Aileen Bennett
Creative Director
Aileen Bennett, LLC

Aileen’s business card says: “Roving Creating Director / Idea Thinker-Upper and Brand Experience Consultant” – there just isn’t room to mention that she’s an illustrator, artist, writer, and speaker who also does business consulting and pitch coaching.


She has an English accent, a knack for pinpointing things that make a difference and a very large bucket of experience in getting results. Her design background, sharp British wit and understanding of business, means that she solves problems and helps create brands that care about people as well as profit.

Aileen is the author of two books, a weekly newspaper column, and a blog about ideas and creativity. Happily married to a Cajun, when she isn’t traveling she works from a white studio with the assistance of a white dog called Blue. She has an insatiable curiosity, bulletproof enthusiasm, and a slight obsession with surfing.