Aileen Bennett
Creative Director
Aileen Bennett, LLC

Aileen Bennett is a native of London, England who has lived in Acadiana for 19 years. She is an illustrator, designer, speaker, pitch-coach, brand-consultant, and writer with clients across the globe. She often lives in that strange space that connects business and creativity. 

Aileen is the author of two books (currently working on her third), a weekly newspaper column, and is often found doing fun things like turning a real-life café into a 3d illustration, coming up with ‘clever’ ideas for clients, or working on her next exhibition.  She has worked for herself for over 25 years and loves the freedom it brings. 

Happily married to a Cajun, when she isn’t traveling she works from a white studio with the assistance of a white dog called Mr. Blue. She has an insatiable curiosity, bulletproof enthusiasm, and a slight obsession with surfing.