Jacquelyn Marks-Rollins
Jacquelyn Marks-Rollins
Second Generation Owner/Operator
Marks Management McDonald’s

Jacquelyn Marks-Rollins (Jackie), a 2nd Generation Owner/Operator and McDonald’s franchisee since 2015 currently operates 4 restaurants as part of a 10 restaurant organization. Jacquelyn serves as the Dallas Field office advocate of the McDonald’s W.O.N. (Woman Operators Network) , representing over 85 women nationally for McDonald’s.

Jacquelyn is an integral part the communities in which she operates her restaurants. Creating significant jobs in these communities , she currently employs over 500. With her dedicated leadership, she continues to train and develop her employees on a daily basis.

Her community and volunteer involvement spans over 10 years in the Lafayette area. Marks Management McDonald’s sponsors a multitude of local organizations including schools, churches, and several charities. Her leadership involvement includes serving 8 years as active member of the Junior league of Lafayette. Most recently , serving as the Tinsel & Treasurer Preview Party & Annual Silent Auction Coordinator 2020.

Jacquelyn began her McDonald’s career in 1999 as a crew member in her family’s restaurants. She received her Bachelors of Applied Life Science degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2006. She majored in Fashion Design with a Minor in Marketing. Immediately after graduation she received the opportunity to intern with Nordstrom in Dallas, TX, as well as her pursue her Master’s degree from the University of North Texas. Jacquelyn became a graduate teaching assistant in 2007 in the college of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism. Jacquelyn graduated with a Master’s of Science with a concentration in Merchandising.

Prior to completing the Next Generation program and becoming a McDonald’s owner/operator Jacquelyn spent 4 years in the retail industry as an Associate Buyer with Neiman Marcus Group.

Rejoining McDonald’s as a shift manager in 2011, she worked diligently on daily operations and the management curriculum set forth. Jackie completed Hamburger University in 2012, becoming a Restaurant General Manager. Accomplishing a supervisor role in 2013, prompting her acceptance into the McDonald’s Next generation owner/operator training program in 2014. She worked her way through tremendous challenges and became an approved McDonald’s owner/operator in April of 2015. Since then, Jacquelyn has spearheaded a multitude of objectives within her organization to build leadership, increase profitability, and maintain operations excellence.

Jacquelyn Marks-Rollins married her husband Phillip in 2018. Together they have a precious pup, named Harvey and in January 2021 welcomed their amazing baby girl, Harper Rollins.