Ken Ritter
City of Youngsville

Ken Ritter is proud to serve the City of Youngsville as Mayor! He began his second term on January 1, 2019 and his leadership has effectively guided the city through growth & prosperity as well as periods of challenge and adversity. Upon taking office he moved quickly to create and implement the city’s first ever Master Plan to serve as a roadmap for our city’s future. Concerned about the manner in which Youngsville was growing it was imperative to improve planning, implement systems, establish processes, evaluate infrastructure, and modernize software. Under Mayor Ritter’s leadership development processes are streamlined, city services are more accessible, recreational opportunities have been expanded, the Youngsville Police Department has doubled in size, & the Youngsville Fire Department staffing model was increased to be the first department in Lafayette Parish, outside of the City of Lafayette, to have 24/7 paid fire staffing. In addition, his administration oversaw the completion and opening of the Youngsville Recreation Center, and the creation of the Youngsville Recreational Sports Programs. During the Mayor’s tenure millions in infrastructure improvements including water, sewer, & roads have been completed.

Before his term as Mayor, Ken was elected to the Youngsville City Council in 2010 and served from 2011-2014. On the City Council he was a leading voice of progress and compromise. Ken was instrumental in the creation of the city’s comprehensive land use ordinance and the city’s increased infrastructure requirements for new roads in privately developed subdivisions.

Prior to his service on the city council Ken was a board member and President of Copper Meadows Homeowners’ Association where he helped to make one of Youngsville’s newest neighborhoods one of the best in our community.

Ken is the owner of three Anytime Fitness franchises in Acadiana after ending a successful career in hotel management. He is a member of the Youngsville Chamber of Commerce, Youngsville Lions Club, & the Rotary Club of Youngsville. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Colorado Technical University in business administration and was a 2013 recipient of the Daily Advertiser’s Top 20 Under 40 leadership awards.