Judge Valerie Garrett
Valerie Gotch Garrett
Valerie Gotch Garrett, APLC

Born and raised in Lafayette, a graduate from Holy Rosary Institute, a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Southern University Law School.

It was at Holy Rosary Institute that I learned “how important it is to take care of those around me”. The teaching I received reassured me that I was placed on earth to touch the lives of both the people I meet and the many people I may never ever see.  It was instilled upon me daily, that I was required to yield myself daily to God so that I may be used to help others.   I thank the “nuns-priest” at Holy Rosary Institute for teaching me how to make a difference in the world.

As a result of my teaching, and throughout my career I served.  I have served as a contract attorney for Acadiana Legal Services and continue to serve as a 15th Judicial District Court criminal public defender and a CJA Panel federal public defender.


In 2002 I became a partner in the Law Firm of Amos-Garrett and Hollinger later Amos and Garrett.  It was during this period of working within a male dominate field that I was forced to face life challenges and become “assertive and independent” or get left behind.

I pride myself on my “passion for justice and serving others” because of my childhood upbringing.  I have provided extensive amounts of pro bono work in the family law area.  I have served as Lafayette Volunteer Lawyer (LVL) pro bono attorney since 1996.  In 2013 I handled over 14 pro bono cases, including divorces, custody, and protective order cases. In 2014, while seeking public office, I continued to handle pro bono cases and was awarded by the Lafayette Parish Bar Association Outstanding Solo Practitioner Award 2015.  I was also voted Top Lawyer in 2013 and 2015 by my community in the area of family law. I presently serve as district court judge division b in the tri parish of the 15th JDC.

I have handled a private Law Practice and Performed Pro Bono work for others and served the community; all while tending to children stricken with illness at home.  I have not missed many school activities nor have I missed a birth of a grandchild.

I survived because of my Faith and belief that God promise to never leave nor forsake me.